Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back Down

After the trouble I had this past week staying on plan, I have managed to get back down to my lowest weight. The weekends are usually harder for me to stay on plan because that is when we usually go out and do stuff. Add Valentine's Day weekend and my nephews birthday party to the mix and I know I am going to have a good struggle this weekend. I do plan on making some chocolate cupcakes with Vanilla icing this weekend. It is Valentine's day after all. I have already given myself permission to have one, I am just going to have to watch what I eat closely the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I plan on going up to the mountain and hiking with the family and my bestie. I am sure we are going to do the red trail, which is about a 2 mile hike. It is supposed to be beautiful and somewhat warm tomorrow - I love hiking when the weather is so nice.

Despite my set backs, I still have my head in the game. I have a goal in mind and I am going to work my ass off to get there. I know I can do it and won't stop until I make it.

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