Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday the Girl Scout cookies that I ordered came in. I wanted to be strong, I wanted to not open the pack, I wanted to just not NEED those cookies. But that didn't happen. Instead I opened the box and ate nearly one whole sleeve of those cookies. Those wonderful peanut buttery Do-Si-Do cookies. Of course, I immediately regretted my actions. Instead of saying "Forget it! I screwed up!" I immediately jumped back on the wagon and kept going like it never happened.

This past weekend some of my favorite people in the whole wide world came into town to go bridesmaid dress shopping. We had a blast at the bridal store and walked out with our dresses ordered. Our dresses are absolutely fabulous, I cannot wait until they come in. I ordered mine one size smaller than I fit in now to keep myself motivated to stay on track. Every time I want something bad to eat, I tell myself to think of that dress and how awesome it is going to look when I put it on. I want to look good not only to be proud of myself, but I want to make David and Chad proud on their wedding day as well.

Also, to help keep things going and hopefully make these moments weakness have less of an impact, I have started using my treadmill. I went 1.5 miles yesterday and 2 miles today. I am just doing a run/walk for 30 minutes, but eventually want to work myself up to a 30 minute straight run. This is my favorite form of exercise and the easiest thing for me to do at home. Who knows, maybe I will work myself into doing a 5K or more. Right now my goal is to get in shape anything else that comes of it is just a bonus.

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  1. HAHA! I like the size smaller thing, that is very good motivation. I ordered several boxes of girl scout cookies too and they came in Tuesday but I forgot to bring them home because I was really so busy at work that I forgot they were even there. THEN I walked in yesterday, was hungry..nutrigrain bar and banana in hand but instead i grabbed the cookies and ate pretty much a whole stick of the shortbread cookies before I even realized what the hell I was doing. When I realized what I did, I just about cried and just felt SICK! :/ It isnt worth blowing all this hard work to feel BAD about eating something so I hope I can resist the rest of them that are sitting in my pantry!!! Ever since my fusion, I have had it in my mind that after months of not being able to walk that I wanted to walk myself up to the point I could do a 5k too. More than anything, I want to prove to myself that I can do it!! I worked so hard to get better, now I just want to take advantage of this second chance I have been given and get in shape. Walking and swimming is about the only form of excersize I can do right now. Loving your blogs girl! Keep it up!