Thursday, January 20, 2011


I got on the scale this morning and now have a loss of about 8 lbs. I really can't tell that I have lost weight, but my clothes are a lot looser than they were before. I wish that I had taken measurements and the beginning of this journey so I could track the inches that I am loosing.

All in all, a good week food-wise. My friend Shanna sent me a recipe for an awesome looking Tuna Guacamole. I can't wait to try this soon! I also need to try the White Chicken Chili that I posted about here. I am going to wait for the weekend though so that I have time to let the ingredients meld together and not rush it.

I had a fantastic week food wise despite the great pasta incident. I even turned down several temptations this week at work. They had cake yesterday, I am usually not a big fan of cake, but I could smell the sugary goodness from other people's plates. I am glad that I had a bowl of blackberries with me, because they really helped me get past it.

I have been doing this for almost a month now and while my eating hasn't been "clean" per se, it has been better than what I have been doing in the past. As long as my clothes continue to sag and the scale keeps going down, I will be a happy girl!

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