Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Side Effects

One of the greatest things about eating so much better, as I have said in a previous post, is that my family is eating better too. The boy has lost 5 lbs already. He is a bit on the heavy side, and his weight has always been an issue. He is 8 years old and started out at 111 lbs. He is down to 106 and I can already see a difference in his body. He is so proud that he is doing this and without much effort on his part. I am proud of him too. Other than a few arguments here and there about what he wants to eat, things have been pretty smooth. I am not doing Phase I of South Beach as hardcore with him as I let him have a small piece of Doves Dark Chocolate for dessert. He is a kid after all and I don't want to make treats a no-no. I don't want him to binge on crap if he ever gets the opportunity. He is also eating smaller portion sizes and getting full faster. One of the problems we have always had is that he could out eat most grown ups. So, it is nice to see him putting up his plate not completely cleaned off.

I just wish that I had started this with him at a younger age. Him being overweight is my fault. A complete parenting fail. I decided to do what was convenient instead of what was best for him. I will take it as a lesson learned and hope that the people who read this blog (all 2 of them!) can learn from my mistakes and hopefully make better choices for their families too.

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  1. Parenting is hard and while maybe you didn't do right by your son at first, you are doing it now. And in a way you're teaching him a lesson about how to turn something around - that nothing is final, and we can change and be better. Good for you and good for your son!