Saturday, January 29, 2011

Half Way!

I am halfway to my (first) goal weight of 154 lbs. Down 12 another 12 to go! This is going a lot faster than I expected and so much easier than any other time that I have dieted. I have had plenty of "bad" foods put in front of me that I have very easily said no to. I can't even call them temptations, because they never really tempted me. I keep healthy snacks handy at all times, so the desire to binge due to being over hungry or because there is cake, etc around, is just not there.

In other news. I scored a treadmill today from a friend. She sold it to me for $50 which is awesome. I really wanted one, but being that I am broke, I couldn't spend big money. Right after I got the treadmill, another friend called and said she had a friend that was giving away some weight equipment and she knew that I was looking. She sent a picture and it is gorgeous and looks brand new! And the best part is that is free! That is definitely something I can afford.

The husband is actually excited about it, because while he wants to work out, he has no time to go anywhere to work out because of his crazy work hours. We are also going to do some major strength training with Carter to get him in shape for football this year. He is moving up a league this year and will be playing with the big kids. We want him to be able to keep up. If we put some muscle behind his weight he will be freaking unstoppable!!

I am just happy that I was able to get my family something we can all enjoy and improve our health with and the fact that they are just as excited about it as I am is the icing on the cake (no pun intended).

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  1. Great job Becky!! very proud of you. Keep up the hard work.