Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Month

I have been doing this for one month. In one month I made the decision to become healthier. In one month I started making my family healthier. In one month I have lost 11 pounds. With everything I I have accomplished in one month, I can't wait to see what my progress looks like in month 2.

Next weekend Chad and David are coming into town so we can pick out the bridesmaids dresses for their wedding. I am actually looking forward to trying on the dresses. Being 11 pounds lighter has given me a good bit of confidence and I know when the time comes for me to stand up next to these two wonderful men while they pledge their lives and love too each other, I will be confident in myself and not trying to hide in the corner. I am proud to be Chad's best girl and I want him to be proud of me too.

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